Dry Campus

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drinking culture, College Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Malique Tiari Daniels
EH 101-107
Linda Payne
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Is a dry campus the right choice?
College is about making memories, both good and bad. The University of South Alabama is a dry campus, which means that there are no alcoholic beverages allowed in your dorm room or at any event on campus. Even though the legal age for consuming alcohol is twenty-one students still participate in underage drinking. The legal age to smoke tobacco products in the state of Alabama is nineteen and at least fifty percent of the students at the University of South Alabama smoke tobacco products under age. So why should we continue to be a dry campus?

The University of South Alabama is a Division One school and sooner than later we will be getting a stadium for our football team on campus. That in tells tailgating and that will mean consumption of alcohol on campus. Now the university could go through people getting permits for their tailgating tents but that is a lot of work. People are generally lazy and that will cause less revenue for football games and less participation from our Alumni. I know Sororities and Fraternities have a permit that allows them to have alcoholic beverages in their houses for their parties, which are on campus. At these parties you have to have your driver’s license and you receive marking on your hands if you are allowed to drink or not. Also in the Mitchell Center during basketball games or any event held at the Mitchell Center there are alcoholic beverages sold in the concession stand. How can this be a dry campus if there are two places on campus that allow the consumption of alcohol? When I surveyed University of South Alabama students around campus they said they would love to be able to drink on campus because most universities allow their students to drink on campus. Also students stated that they already drink in there dorms but they would like to know that they won’t get written up for drinking in their rooms. Students also...
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