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By lockerbyjennifer Dec 07, 2011 256 Words
By: Jennifer Lockerby
Drunkorexia, drugorexia, or drunkarexia is eating less food (intaking less calories when eating), so as to be able to drink more and not gain weight. It is a slang term for an unofficial disorder but drunkorexia is linked with bulimia, binge drinking and anorexia. Symptoms for drunkorexia include sleeping disorders, excessive weight loss and long term diet problems. Many people affected by drunkorexia become very aggressive in behaviour due to the physical extremities in their bodies. Statistics show that most drunkorexics are young women in high school or college who refrain from eating all day in order to drink at parties and still look thin. Women are also more likely to suffer from the consequences of drunkorexia because their bodies produce less of the enzyme that metabolises alcohol. They are pressured by their surroundings to look like the “perfect party girl”: thin and pretty, but still able to have “fun”. What many do not realize is that lack of proper eating and binge drinking leads to premature wrinkling and/or discolouration of skin. Without food in the stomach, there is nothing to absorb the alcohol a drunkorexic consumes, therefore the alcohol is released into the bloodstream quicker and intoxication occurs more rapidly. Rapid intoxication can lead to alcohol poisoning and memory blackouts. Long term drunkorexics often become victims of cirrhosis of the liver, which scars the liver, leading to many more health problems and a bloated stomach all of the time. Treatment for drunkorexia includes outpatient therapy and hospitalization/residential programs.

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