Drunk Driving Visual Argument

Topics: Rhetoric, Logos, A picture is worth a thousand words Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Ramiro Munoz
Professor Jones
English 101
11 August 2014
Visual Argument
It is believed that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that cannot be any more true than in regards to anti-drunk driving propaganda. These campaigns expose the harsh reality behind drinking and driving, with the anticipation that they will reduce the amount of fatal crashes that unfortunately happen on a daily basis. The images shown are often graphic and unsettling, a technique used by the campaigns in order to deliver a strong and powerful residual message. The visual attached comes from an anti-drunk driving campaign located across the globe in Thailand and goes perfectly with was just described. Because this is a worldwide catastrophe, countries are fighting back through strict punishments to those who are caught driving under the influence and also with the help of advertisements which present a strong rhetoric, like the one presented.

The visual argument shown is of a man in his mid twenties, taking down a shot of what appears to be liquor. Evidently, the “shot” of vodka is being depicted as a real “shot”, one that is costing him his life. The back of the man’s head is being blown out as if the “shot” was coming from a real firearm. Portrayed as the bullet, projecting outward from his cranium is a tiny silver car; so essentially, the shot glass is representing a gun in an act of suicide, with the cause of suicide being the car. The raw image shown is meant to stop people who have been drinking, from entering an automobile and risking their life. This particular advertisement contains no catchy slogan, statistics or title, merely the powerful and striking image that leaves viewers scratching their heads. The fact that this ad contains nothing but the dramatization of drinking and driving is so influential that many of the surrounding countries of Thailand have caught on and begun their own anti-drunk driving campaigns.

Presentation of the visual is a strong reason...
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