Drunk Driving Is a Crime

Topics: Prison, Crime, Murder Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Drunk drivers who cause accidents with fatalities should be charged with murder.Nowadays, driving while intoxicated has become the deadliest crime. There were more than 11,000 alcohol-impaired deaths in 2009, sadly those deaths were preventable if the government had more severe laws against this issue. Drivers are well aware of the laws and consequences against drunk driving, especially after destroying families due to their carelessness decision. Victims’ families entire life is ruined because of the sudden death of their loved one, and they are never going to be able to reclaim their normal life, while the offender after a few days in prison reclaims his normal life. As a result of the fragile criminal justice system everyday road users share the road with repeat offenders who are highly resistant to change their behavior despite previous sanctions, treatment or education. Thus, those who cause the death of another person while driving drunk should be charged with murder and receive a mandatory prison sentence of twenty-five years without the possibility of parole.When an accident happens, fatalities that occur suddenly can be more difficult to deal with than anticipated death because members of the family are not well prepared. Sudden losses are even more difficult to process when a person is killed violently knowing that it could have been prevented if it wasn’t for another person’s negligence. These actions often cause strong emotions, and anger. Sometimes family members will consider doing things that are out of personality such as leading to suicide. In addition, family members are financially affected after losing their loved ones.For instance, the cost of medical bills, phone bills and the funeral can be devastating to families with a small budget causing more suffering and pain. For the survivors of crashes caused by drunk drivers, who have life sentence injuries their pain and suffering is just starting, while the offender is having his life back...
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