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drunk driving

By drunkdrivingissue Apr 18, 2014 256 Words

Drinking and driving is a very serious and dangerous problem. Many people every year are killed or injured because of drunk drivers, and almost all of the people who are killed are innocent. The more you drink the more likely you are to have an accident. Driving whilst under the influence of drink is a dangerous situation, and the consequences are appalling, because you can end up killing someone else, losing your own life or even sent to court. Why do people drink while driving? The answer is simply cause there drunk! They are too drunk to think properly, they might have done it before and they think it’s not bad, perhaps too lazy to get a taxi, they feel confident that they can drive extra carefully and avoid incident, Their ability to rationalize is suppressed, leading them to make rash decisions, They want to escape personal problems This is probably one of the most dangerous reasons why people drink and drive. A man / woman in the thick of problems, gets drunk and gets in the car. Caught in his / her emotions, the person doesn’t care what happens anymore. Sadly, among the reasons why people drink and drive, this is a common reason; they are ashamed or afraid to call someone to pick them up. People wake up in cells not realizing they killed a person with their car. Some people drink and drive because they don’t know any better. Some people are not even aware of the legal drinking limits. 

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