Drunk Driving

Topics: Anxiety, Worry, Psychology Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Hello everyone, I would like to talk to day about significant topic which is How to reduce Test Anxiety . Most teachers agree that it s normal to feel some nervousness or tension before a test .you usually perform better when you are little nervous because you try harder So feeling nervous is healthy and a natural part of test taking . However, it is not healthy to feel so nervous that you go blank when you read the questions Therefore, in order to reduce test anxiety you have to do the following things: First of all, you have to completely prepare for the test at least 2 days before the test by taking good notes throughout the class and keeping those notes neatly in a chronologically organized binder. Also, you should make an appointment to see the teacher f you don’t understand something .When the test date gets nearer, make a plan of what you need to review. However, if you have not prepared for the test properly, and don’t know or don’t understand the material, it is completely normal to feel test anxiety.

Another important thing for how to reduce test anxiety is not cramming the lessons. you shouldn’t start to study the night before a test, cramming at the last minute and staying up all night before the test s never the best way to study .At some point or another, everyone has probably crammed for an examination .procrastination seems to be a way of life for many high school and college students .However, while cramming might give you more time to hang out with your friends on the weekend, the effects of cramming are actually quite negative .Detrimental result of cramming can include cramming information together so you can’t focus on all of it,and you may feel tired during the test.

Finally, having confidence is a significant part of reducing test anxiety. Many students suffer from test anxiety because they don’t have enough confidence in themselves they worry that everyone else is better than them or they feel stupid and worthless. All these...
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