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Drunk Driver

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According to the traffic police department, in the first 9 months of the year, nationwide occurred over eighteen thousand traffic accidents, killing more than six thousand people and injured more than seventeen thousand people. It about 70% traffic accidents is people using alcohol while driving.
So, drunk driving should be banned for 3 problems. First, the effects of alcohol while driving. Second, the facts about drunk driving in Vietnam. Third , the ways to overcome traffic accidents. Now let me explain the first problem.
The driver used alcohol was divided into two groups: The first is the group of people addicted to drinking. This group focuses on the people who are the long-distance driving. They often drink alcohol during meals including breakfast and lunch. The second is the group with the largest number, including employees, officers, public officials, which many people understand the seriousness of drunk driving, but hard to refuse because of different reasons.

Causes of traffic accidents is the driver used alcohol lead to lose control, moreover, they can ride zigzag at high speed, going the wrong lane or the ability to judge situations slowly. So, traffic accidents due to alcohol often cause very serious. Example , on the morning in april of this year, a serious accident happened on Trung Luong Highway in Tien Giang province. A coach rammed into the van made 4 people die in the spot and injured 8 people. and the orther traffic accident occurred on Tet in Bo Trach district , a car rammed into the truck made 4 people died and 5 people injured. All of them , the main reason is the driver use alcohol at high level and fall asleep while driving. Therefore , cause the serious accidents.
Drinking while driving cause 2.2 million deaths worldwide, estimated at more than six thousand people die every day in around the world.
And, the next problem is the facts about drinking and driving in Vietnam.
Representing the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam-Takeshi Kasai said, according to WHO statistics, the use of alcoholic drinks is common in Vietnam, especially in men. An estimated 75% of men drink alcohol and 1 in 4 people who use alcohol at harmful levels.
According to Nguyen Trong Thai, director of the Office of Traffic Safety Commission National, drinking before driving, the driver of vehicle easy to drive at high speed, alcohol restrains brain makes the driver fall asleep while driving. It was cause of reduce the possibility of self-control, reflexes (‘riflex) and vision, leads to increased level of risk and traffic accident. There is an example, a bus plunged into the chasm in Lao Cai on the September made 47 people died. And the reason og accident is the driver fall asleep since used alcohol and lead to lose control .
Nowadays, the rate of use of alcohol in Vietnam is growing at an alarming (3’la:m) rate. About 80% of traffic accidents in Vietnam are caused by drivers using alcohol. Special, traffic accident often happened during the period from 6 p.m to 2 a.m
Many young people have a bright future, just for being drunk while driving and cause the accident. They left many mourning (mc:n) for family or injured, was in pain, disability and regret since wasting the future, become a burden to themselves, their families and society.
So, what are the ways to overcome this problem? yes, have many ways to reduce the traffic accident.
The first way is raise the sense of the driver and the driver education. There are most important factors. Each driver should understand the danger of driving while blood alcohol in high level. Refuse to drink if then have to drive go home. Passengers have responsible for prevent people who used alcohol to drive. Moreover, widespread the rules when driving in traffic. Close coordination between the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education - Training to increase propaganda to change the behaviors for people.
The second way is establish the enforcement measures: Increased traffic police force and regularly check the concentration of alcohol, concentrated in areas where many traffic accidents occurred. Driving license withdrawn permanently for those instances causing serious traffic accidents. That is one of the key factors contribute to reduce traffic accidents caused by alcohol.
The third way is increase measures among ministries and departments: the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Health should collaborate to develop common rules for the checkout process alcohol concentration. Ministry of Finance should raise tax on alcoholic drinks. Give a part from tax to serve the propaganda and prevention about alcohol. Banned the sale of alcohol at the public stations, the park for children and on the bottle of beer must have the words "Drinking can cause traffic accidents" .

Decrease traffic accidents due to alcohol consumption is a problem of the whole society. Each person, family, and the state need to closely coordinate management education and strict handling of cases of violation. But most of all, be aware of people in traffic is the most important factor contributing to reduced traffic accidents.

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