Drugs in Sport Essay

Topics: Drug, Drugs in sport, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Drugs in sport

The nature of sports promotes a strong desire to win, and many athletes will do anything to rise to the top. Every elite athlete wants to get an edge over their competition, causing many athletes to turn to performance enhancing drugs to gain this edge. Drug use in sport can cost players their super stardom dream career, but more seriously, their own lives. The wide-spread illegal use of drugs has eliminated the question of which athlete has the strongest raw power, to the question of which athlete has the greatest scientific base behind them. These questions have many pros and cons to each side of the argument, causing this question of debate to overlap and only leave deeper confusion in it's path. The principle arguments being- the athletes need to be protected from the health risks associated, there is no clear way to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate artificial aids of performance and the need to preserve the spirit of fair play. The media publishes continuous cases of cheats being caught out, allowing the world to know the discrete and low key aspect to sport, completely abandoning the question, should the use of doping drugs be legalised?

In the strive of becoming the best, athletes contradict the ethnic of sport and cheat their way to the top by the usage of drugs. There are many unhealthy side effects from the use of performance enhancing drugs. Although these side effects are indirect they are still fatal. Liver failure and increased chances of heart attacks are two of the most harmful side effects. These side effects can threaten the users ability to play dramatically and could even leave them partly paralysed from their sport. Furthermore the body suffers from other impacts from the use of these drugs such as,permanently deformed bones, and kidney and muscle damage. Not only can the deformation of bones, and inner damage prevent you from playing further, it can prevent you from completing basic tasks in life like...
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