Drugs: Drug Addiction and Domino Effect

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Prohibition Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: April 24, 2013
One Nation Under Drugs
This problem has been going on for decades and still going on till this day. Should the U.S legalize every drug, would that be the answer? Do we continue with this twenty-five year plus war with drugs. The use of illicit drugs is illegal because of their intoxicating effects on the brain, damaging impact on the body, adverse impact on behavior, and potential for abuse. Their use threatens the health, welfare, and safety of all people, of users and non-users alike. I am against the legalization of all drugs because it destroys human character, it is very appealing to others leading to a domino effect, and not only destroys our society but others as well; the exempt is marijuana. I will be sharing with you why we shouldn’t legalize drugs, but that we need to legalize or decriminalize marijuana. Let’s start off with the war on drugs. President Richard M. Nixon announced a War on Drugs twenty-five years ago. As said by Milton Friedman in his story “There’s No Justice in the War on Drugs”. Friedman believes that we have no right to use force, directly or indirectly, to prevent a fellow man from committing suicide, let alone from drinking alcohol or taking drugs (655). I don’t believe in what Friedman said, if we don’t enforce the law on people then what’s the point of having them. Think about letting people do as they please, if someone wants to jump off a bridge and commit suicide while hundreds of other people are watching, don’t you think that’s a problem. Well what Friedman is saying is to let that person jump off the bridge, if he wants to kill himself so then so be it. Not only is that a problem, but creates a domino effect. You have kids probably watching that person about to jump off and creating a commotion. These kids are going to learn what they see as a game or normal and do just as the person committing suicide. This just creates chaos in neighbor hoods, changes the outcome on a human’s behavior, and affects the safety of all...
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