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Topics: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Antipsychotic Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: January 18, 2015

Psychiatric Disorders, Diseases, and Drugs
Katlin Clark
January 11, 2014
Karen Molano Valentine
Psychiatric Disorders, Diseases, and Drugs

Schizophrenia means “the splitting of psychic functions.” Schizophrenia is most commonly considered the concept of madness. It is a psychotic disorder that is characterized by the loss of contact with the environment, by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feelings, thought, perception, and behavior. Schizophrenia can happen to about 1% of individuals in all races and cultural groups. This disease most commonly starts to happen in adolescences and young adults. “Someone with schizophrenia may have difficulty distinguishing between what us real and what is imaginary; may be unresponsive or withdrawn; and may difficulty expressing normal emotions in social situations (Mental Health America, n.d.).” People with schizophrenia may also hear voices that other people don’t hear. “They may believe other people are reading their minds, controlling their thoughts, or plotting to harm them (National Institute of Mental Health, 2014).” Not all of these symptoms happen in all cases of schizophrenia. When it comes to help with treatments there are two kinds of symptoms which are positive and negative symptoms. Positive symptoms seem to represent an excess or distortion of normal function. The positive symptoms people often lose touch with reality and then is sometime the symptoms are hardly noticeable depending on if the person is receiving treatment. Some of them are delusions, hallucinations, thoughts disorders, movement disorder, and disorder with speech. Delusions they have a false idea that someone is spying on them or that they are someone that they are not. Hallucinations they believe that voices making critical comments or telling the patient what to do. Thought disorder s when the patient may have trouble organizing their thoughts. Movement disorder is when the patient may repeat...

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