Drugs and the Different Between Them

Topics: Psychoactive drug, Methamphetamine, Cocaine Pages: 4 (1189 words) Published: August 31, 2013
Drugs and the Different Between Them
Chiet Garvin
Kaplan University
CJ411: Drugs and Alcohol in the Criminal Justice System

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The three drugs that I decided to explore a little more are alcohol, crack, and ecstasy. In this essay I will be discussing the difference between each drug. I will also be talking about how each drug effect the person mind and health. By the end of this essay my goals is to inform you on all the facts about these three drugs.

The first one that will be covered is alcohol. Alcohol is part of the depressant group. When drinking alcohol it can affect different people in different ways. “These effects can lead to physical and mental changes that can put alcohol users and others at risk of injury or death. Possible dangers include falls, household accidents, and car crashes.”(nihseniorhealth.gov) Alcohol is something that if done in a social and responsible matter the possible danger that was stated above can be avoided. Some of the health effects of alcohol are that it can affect all the major organs including the brain. Things like the liver can be affecting by too much use of alcohol, “which cause diseases such as liver inflammation (alcoholic hepatitis) or severe liver scarring (cirrhosis). Alcohol-related liver disease can cause death.”(nihseniorhealth.gov) However, as much as studies show how harmful alcohol is this drug is the only one that if use in moderation can be beneficiary to your health. When dealing alcohol on psychologically level there is things that can happen when you consume alcohol “at higher levels it leads to disorientation, coma, and death.”(brainblogger.com) There are also really bad things that can happen when alcohol is being abuse for a long period of time. “At high enough concentrations (or over time) alcohol can weaken the blood brain barrier by...
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