Drugs and Society

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Morphine Pages: 6 (2086 words) Published: April 28, 2012
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Drugs and the Society
The use of drugs has been a major issue and concern for our government and society ever since they were created. There is an ongoing battle between the severity of marijuana and pills versus cocaine and heroine. Due to the effects of cocaine and heroine, citizens tend to view marijuana and prescription pills as socially acceptable, thus, causing our government to place relaxed laws and consequences on those who use the “acceptable” drugs. This type of response from the government is ethically wrong and is allowing people to abuse marijuana and pills on a regular basis. The effects of marijuana are much less severe than those of cocaine and heroine. When abusing marijuana the user will have an increase in blood pressure, experience drowsiness, memory loss will occur, and they will slow down drastically. Most people will fall asleep or use it to relax themselves. In addition, prescription pills have mild side effects that occur in the user’s body too. This form of drug abuse is meant to make the person feel better emotionally or mentally. The side effects of abusing prescription drugs can be a mild case of depression, anxiety, and exhaustion, “The paradox remains that drugs may be taken to cure, relax, or stimulate, yet may lead to addiction, lack of motivation, or aggression” (Teff 196). These pills can become addictive but they are also easy to stop using them if you receive the right help. On the other hand, cocaine and heroine have more severe consequences attached to the abuse and use of it. According to Charles R. Carroll cocaine can cause extremely severe side effects after prolonged use. People will start to feel restless, anxiety, and become sleepless. They

will experience hallucinations and begin to lose their five senses. Their nose will bleed and form ulcer like sores from the continuous use of cocaine. In time, the users will lose weight and experience malnutrition. Eventually, the brain will become more sensitive to the drug and cause seizures that will lead to death (251). Along with cocaine, heroine is possibly the most addictive and dangerous drug to take. It can be injected through the veins or just under the skin, snorted, and taken by mouth. The user receives a rush shortly after injecting the drug and sudden changes in blood pressure will occur. Some common effects that will occur are reddening of the face, constriction of the pupils of the eyes, and emotions will change drastically. The user believes that everything is fine and all their worries had subsided. People claim there is a reduction of aggressive tendencies, depressed appetite and sex drive, and start to slow down. Day dreams will occur and this “high will last from three to six hours. If the user does not receive their fix they will experience perspiration, tearing, tremors, chills, diarrhea, nausea, and sharp pains. More severely, the user can receive diseases, injuries, and ultimately death (161). As citizens, because of the dangerous and life threatening effects of cocaine and heroine we view the drugs as negative and socially unacceptable. In contrast, we will allow marijuana and pills to become apart of our society without disrupting the use and distribution of it. Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs among all U.S. citizens. “In California, for example, 7,560 marijuana arrests were reported statewide in 1964; by 1968, California police reported arresting 50,327 people on marijuana charges. By 1969, the federal government estimated that between 8 million and 12 million Americans had tried marijuana at least once; that about 25% of them, or some 2 million to 3 million people, were using it whenever it happened to be available; and that about 10%, or 800 thousand to 1.2 million, were using it every day” (Grauer 60). As the years

progressed the rate of people using this drug got worse. In today’s society marijuana is socially acceptable and considered one of...
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