Drugs and Music in Popular Culture

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Drugs and Music in Popular Culture
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Drugs and Music in Popular Culture

One of America’s leading social issues is Drugs. Merriam and Webster define drugs as something and often an illicit substance that causes addiction, habituation, or a marked change in consciousness. Drugs have been around since the discovery of the America’s in 1492(Shmoop Editorial Team, 2008). A gift from Native American’s to Christopher Columbus in the form of a local grown favorite, tobacco. Nicotine quickly became a favorite, and without tobacco in the international drug trade, North America may have never actually become The United States. Tobacco was also the first drug to be perceived through popular culture. Actors like John Wayne, and Humphrey Bogart (who later died of lung cancer) frequently smoked on screen ( Schmoop Editorial Team, 2008). Singers such as Frank Sinatra was often observed smoking cigarettes during concerts. Later, ads in popular magazines featured the Marlboro man known to attract women to cigarettes. Another popular drug in the 1800’s was derived from the opiate plant to construct morphine. Morphine was used during the civil war to help wounded soldiers but led to high addiction which was called “the army disease”. Cocaine became extremely popular in the 1880’s and was considered a miracle drug. By 1911, it was claimed to be linked with prostitution and the corruption of young women (Schmoop Editorial Team, 2008). Drugs have proved over the years to be hazardous in many forms and to overall, lower ones quality of life. From caffeine, to cocaine, marijuana, to nicotine, alcohol to ecstasy; Drugs and music have been a part of American History and American culture from the beginning As different drugs emerged, in United States, so did the conflict and problems. Popular music and its lyrics followed primarily suggesting positive feelings with drug use. The problem is; the majority of...

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