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April 16, 2013
Causes, Effects and Treatments of Drug Addiction
Addiction is a dependence on a substance or activity. It is a big problem around the world. It is represented by the desires and behaviors of individuals. Addiction has serious consequences in real life that adversely destroy relationships, affect physical and mental health, and damages on the ability to think effectively; therefore, it is also known as an illness due to the bad things that it does. It could be in many more different ways such as gambling, drugs, sex, and Internet addictions. The biggest problem in society is that these diseases are hidden, silenced or denied. One of the worst and literally the most common type is drug addiction; it can transform or destroy a life; for some people, this is a way to escape from their problems. When they use drugs the effect lasts a few hours; when they wake up, pleasure becomes pain and they confront reality, then the fight begins. In that moment, they start the fight against denial and acceptance. There are many kinds of drugs, one worse than the other. Statistically, it is the addiction with the highest number of deaths worldwide annually. The causes of addiction are always the same for every type; it depends on the situation of the person. It could be to fulfill their needs or wants, when they feel stressed or anxious; to feel energetic, if they are depressed; to make them confident when they feel shy in social situations; and sometimes to relieve chronic pain (Robison, Smith and Saisan). Nevertheless, it depends on how old they are. “The fact that the brain is an organ under construction during the teen years and beyond makes it easier to understand some characteristic adolescent behavior, such as the propensity for risk-taking and the attraction to potentially dangerous situations, including drug or other experimentation” (Hoffman and Froemke 89). Sometimes it can be because of a family history...

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