Topics: Recreational drug use, Brain, Nervous system Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: June 5, 2014
Drugs are generally defined as a substance which alters our normal bodily functions when it is induced into our body. Having a drug free society is to have a community of people living in a particular region, restricted from the usage and influence of drugs. Certain drugs have side effects, in which it can cause addiction to its user. This is why many had considered drugs to be dangerous, they thought that the usage of drugs should be banned completely from the society.

On the contrary to the common beliefs of the society, not all drugs are used for recreational purposes. In the medical field, drugs are widely used in the treatment and prevention diseases. Pain killers such as morphine are used to reduce pain. There are also certain types of drugs where its usage had been known to stimulate brain activity. Nootropics, also known as "cognitive enhancers", can improve our abilities of understanding and acquiring knowledge. For centuries, doctors have made the application of these drugs, beneficial the society. Medicine too would have to be banned if we were to have a drug free society.

Recreational drugs are chemical substances that affects the central nervous system of the brain, the user would be subjected to hallucinations. The users of these drugs are mainly people who are emotionally unstable due to having certain conplicated problems. They think of these drugs as an 'escape route' to pacify themselves. It, apparently, keeps them sane as it makes them 'forget' about their problems, momentarily. Of course, not all recreational drugs are used solely for this purpose. Caffeine, which are most commonly found in coffee, are used to help us stay awake and alert. Recreational drugs too can be of use to the society, why deny ourselves of its benefits?

It is not the drugs which poses harm to the society, what does is rather the actions of their people. But yet, drugs are still thought of negatively. We should not put the blame on the addictive...
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