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Drugs Research
The street name for opium is auntie, blackpoll, skee, hop/hops, joy plant, Chinese tobacco, and dream gun etc. Opium is taken by being smoked, injected, and taken by a pill form. The cost of opium on the streets is around 20 to 30 dollars in the south and around 120-150 dollars for medicated depending on who you buy your product from. The short term affect of this drug is that you want more of it and you need it to maintain the effect. The long term affect is that the use of the drug can be compulsive despite the physical abuse of it and that is can harm the person that is using. People that abuse this drug have taken psychoactive drugs they take it for religious reasons. People that take the drug try to change the way they feel, think, and act. All type of people abuse this drug like rich and poor people, college students, and kids on the streets, white collar pros. Drug abuse fall into three different kinds of categories depression, stimulants, and hallucinogens. The drug works it stimulate the bile flow a substance that is important to the digestive system. This lowers the feeling of the pain and how one reacts to the pain. The advantages and disadvantages of the drug is that you can die either way it goes.

The street name of morphine is c & s , cotton brothers, dreamers, emsel, first time, gods drug, how’s, m, m.s., miss elma etc. Morphine works it comes from the poppy seed opium plant. It works the body that releases p from the horn fibers to the spinal cord and stops up to the spinal cord. Morphine can be injected with a needle in the vein or a pill in the mouth; it can also be inserted rectally. Morphine is a narcotic it acts like a central nervous can cause more pain than before it has a calming affect that protects the body in a pacific part and this is a disadvantage it is very addictive. Morphine is used as a pain killer now and days. On the streets morphine is 30 dollars it also depends on who is selling you the product....
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