DrugEd5 Fall 2012

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Test 5 Drug Ed 2013 Fall
The textbook pointed out that drug prevention and drug ________ might have different goals and use different approaches.




demand reduction
Primary prevention programs are aimed at

elderly patients that may need medication assistance.

adolescents who require substance abuse treatment.

young people who have not tried drugs.

addicts that require prevention or follow up.
In the public health model, programs designed to reach people who have started using some substances and to prevent them from abusing these substances or moving to more dangerous substances, would be classified as



secondary prevention.

Tertiary prevention programs are aimed at

elderly patients that may need medication assistance.

adolescents who require substance abuse treatment.

young people who have not tried drugs.

people who have completed treatment for dependence and need relapse prevention or follow up. Which of these is NOT one of the Institute of Medicine's classifications for prevention programs?

affective prevention

universal prevention

selective prevention

indicated prevention
In the early 1970s, the Knowledge-Attitudes-Behavior model began to be questioned when it was learned that

drug users didn't much care what people thought about them.

students with more knowledge about drugs had a more positive attitude toward drugs.

drug-using behavior is unrelated to attitudes about drug use.

it was more effective just to use scare tactics.
Having students discuss their reactions to various moral and ethical dilemmas as a means to help them clarify their own values was one example of the general prevention approach known as

moral rearmament.

talk therapy.

cognitive development.

affective education.
Teaching students relaxation or meditation techniques was seen as one possible way of providing

alternatives to drug use.

enhanced self-esteem.

values clarification.

refusal skills.
Beginning in 1986, the federal government launched a massive campaign based on anti-drug policies, locker searches, etc., to promote

affective education.

increased drug knowledge.

social skills.

"Drug-Free" schools.
The social influence model grew out of a 1976 paper describing a successful prevention approach aimed at

marijuana use.

binge drinking.

early sexual involvement.

cigarette smoking.
Which of these is NOT one of the successful components included in the social influence model?

making a public commitment not to smoke

countering cigarette advertising

discussing the penalties for getting caught with cigarettes

use of teen leaders
The DARE program stands for

Drug Abuse Responsible Education.

Drug Abuse Required Education.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

none of the above choices.
DARE is one of the most widespread drug prevention programs in schools. Research on DARE has shown that

most parents and community members don't approve of it.

it has not produced lasting reductions in drug or alcohol use.

gang activity is greater in schools with DARE programs.

it consistently reduces binge drinking and marijuana use.
Project ALERT and Life Skills Training were included as examples of

programs that work.

values clarification programs.

knowledge-attitudes-behavior approaches.

ineffective and outdated approaches.
Out-of-school peer programs include peer influence approaches, as well as

peer participation programs.

peer policing programs.

peer evaluation.

peer pressure reversal.
Which of these was NOT discussed as an effective family-based drug prevention approach?

parenting skills

family interaction exercises

providing urine test kits to parents

parent support groups
One of SAMHSA's model community prevention...
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