Drug Use in the Edm Community

Topics: Rave, Drug, Methamphetamine Pages: 4 (1239 words) Published: April 1, 2013
When most people think about the Electronic Dance Music community, the first thing that comes to mind is just that-dance music. Up beat music that gets the body moving; fist pumping, hair shaking, and occasionally jumping around. Aside from all the beats and bass, there is a huge portion of the EDM community that doesn’t deal with just the music aspect-that being the excessive drug abuse. It is not uncommon for drugs to be shared and sold all throughout the dance parties; but the true question is, do drugs truly affect the EDM community? Becoming so notorious, drugs have become an almost imperative aspect within the Electronic Dance Music community. With that being said, without drugs present, the EDM community would be a completely different subculture.

Originating in the late 80’s in Britain, raves consisted of wild bohemian parties that continued expanding in the UK, and spread to the United States. With the dramatic gain of popularity of the musical movement, also came the drastic transformations. In almost every corner of a rave, the strong presence of drugs dominates nearly every and any other aspect in an EDM-ers mind.

Similar to any other community, the EDM world has grown its own principles and characteristics that guides their conduct at any event. Some features include gloving, eccentric outfits, and light shows. Besides the physical aspects followed in the community, the acronym ‘PLUR’- representing peace, love, unity, and respect is something that must be abided by rave-goers at all times. All of these traditions express love for the common interest- Electronic Dance Music; but may have also something to do with the central factor in these dance parties: drugs. According to Kavanaugh and Anderson, the sense of camaraderie and respect that the EDM community has for one another, can be intensified as a result of the illegal drugs that are ingested at the dance parties: Much of this work contends that while rave and EDM...
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