Drug Use in Japan

Topics: Nicotine, Cigarette, Tobacco Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: June 22, 2013
People in each country have their own way to get away from pressure or to get hyper. However, there are some common ways that people use all over the world—drugs. There are many kinds of drugs, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, nicotine and magic mushrooms. Most of them are illegal in most of the countries; some of them like nicotine are legal. In most of the countries, illegal drug use is a common problem. But in Japan, tobacco may be the most popular drugs people use. Just by walking on the street, you can tell that Japanese are heavy smokers. Japanese are known as very repress group, they smoke to reduce their pressure. Japan is also one of the world’s largest tobacco markets. Moreover, Tobacco is easy to purchase. Therefore, Japanese tend to rely on tobacco (nicotine) more than other drugs.

To start off, Japanese smoke to reduce their pressure. It is the most common reason why Japanese smoke. In most of the Japanese offices, people tend to repress themselves. They do whatever their employers say, and if they feel they get bullied, most of them will not complain in order to keep their job. Therefore, they will need a way to reduce their pressure from the office that is–smoke. Beside from reducing pressure, people also smoke because they can see smokers everywhere, so for teenagers, they might think it is a cool way to be like an adult. Or they get influenced by television stars. Smokers who are seen in public can influence teenagers a lot. Or else, when people are meeting their friends, if everyone smokes and you do not, you will feel like you cannot fit in the group well, and it might be not polite to refuse people especially their boss if they offer you a cigarette. Society can put lots of pressure on people.

Furthermore, Japan is one of the world’s largest tobacco markets. In 2008, smoking rate among adult is 29%. And in 2010, the total smoking rate is 24%. Also, the number of female smokers has risen. Female smokers are used to be seen as...
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