Drug Trafficking in Mexico

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Mexican Drug War, Drug cartel Pages: 4 (1447 words) Published: October 13, 2013

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Dr. Schubert
Drug Trafficking in Mexico: Social, Ethical and Political Problem. Around 20 years ago in Mexico, reading about someone getting his or her head cut-off was something from a horror movie, but times have changed now. Now it is not uncommon to hear about shootings, massacres, or people getting dissolved in acid. Nowadays, reporters have to cut back on whatever news they have for the media. Almost everyone is keeping secret all the things they know about the ongoing war on drugs. But why is it all like this now? Drug Cartels have clashed in gun battles against rivals and against the Mexican government. Nowadays it is really hard to tell who has the power in Mexico. My perspective on the subject is that drug trafficking has created an atmosphere of fear and violence; therefore this atmosphere attacks the natural rights of people. Life, liberty and property are words that have changed in meaning in Mexico. Now, not only people are being affected by these events, even businesses are getting involved and everyone loses. The only ones benefiting from these occurrences are the main bosses of illegal corporations also known as cartels. Every day in the news I see something like “5 people were killed in a gun battle”, or “An activist who publicly accused police officers of kidnapping his teenage son was shot to death in an attack that instantly fueled Mexico's bitter nationwide debate over crime and corruption.” (Castillo, 2011) What does this tell us about the liberties of the people? Mexicans that are poor strive to reach a better life, to offer a better lifestyle to their families, but with these violations of rights happening in Mexican society, a better future is not a sure thing. People just try living life day by day, but people involved in drug trafficking just keep dying. According to the LA times, several outlets in Mexico have begun citing a figure of 40,000 dead since May 2011 (Hernandez, 2011). According to the numbers, this...

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