Drug Testing in The Workplace

Topics: Employment, Drug addiction, Drug test Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: October 1, 2013

“Illicit drug use has become a significant problem in American industry, causing estimated losses of $33 billion to $100 billion annually. These losses result from increased absenteeism, employee theft and injury rates, as well as reduced productivity and morale.” (Extejt, 1987) After reading “The case for and against drug testing”, Castulon Corporation should establish a drug testing program. If I was a part of Castulon Corporation I would recommend that they create a plan to reduce the chances of losses. It would state: Potential employees are granted 5 days to accept or decline Castulon’s Corporation offer to complete the drug test. All potential employees must take the mandatory drug test at the specified drug test site. You must pass this test in order to become a member of this organization.

Drug testing in the workplace is providing a safer workplace for employees, drug use results in more accidents on the job. This also protects the company from lawsuits and claims. For example, an employee of a construction rental company is assigned to a 6:30 am delivery. The employee runs into the light pole and a car with $15,000 worth of equipment on the back of his trailer. Later the company conducts a mandatory drug test due to in his state, whenever you’re involved an accident on the job you must submit to a drug test. The employee fails the drug test which causes the company to have to replace the totaled equipment and terminate the employee. First, I would analyze the situations they had with prior employees under the influence of drugs and evaluate how we missed the signs of drug abuse. This is not to discriminate in any way this is to prevent any potential loss in absenteeism, employee theft and injury rates, as well as reduced productivity and morale. My plan would prohibit the company from hiring an employee who test positive for drugs. While the potential employee is given 5 days to accept the companies offer the prospect for hire must...

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