Drug Testing for Welfare

Topics: Logic, Welfare trap, 2003 singles Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: April 22, 2015
 Michael Nashed
Dr. Brent
Most people would argue that drug testing for welfare would be a waste of time and money. I will say personally that is completely false. Drug testing randomly for welfare program, would be a wonderful, and probably one of the only good things, to this already corrupt government program. Ok, let's all look at this as realistically as we can; if just 1 person failed a drug test for the welfare, that's a whole extra few hundred dollars per month that our government can save, and that's only for 1 person! A typical drug test cost around $10 for the cheaper ones. That's store price too, that's not considering what government contracter bulk price is. Now if just one person failed, that cost $10, and it saved a few hundred dollars... sounds like a lot of a waste huh? Now another thing people argue about it is "well they have a prescription for it." Ok well there's a flip side to this. When you send in your drug test, they have a form for you to fill out that you can put the option that you have a perscription, and who your doctor is, and they will get full approval. I'm sure they abuse the medicine, and sometimes don't even need it (sorry that's beside the point), but if such case is to arise, then there is that solution. There's no reason to argue about perscription and non perscription. A last good reason that this would be a great policy proposal, is that this would encourage less drug use. As of course we all know that America is terrible for drug use, this would indeed decrease the use. It would make peiple realize one of two things. Either one: "Wow, I need to stop if I really need this welfare check, maybe it's time to move on anyway and be mature like a real responsible person." Or two: "Wow I need to get up off my butt and get a real job, if I get a real job and make some real earned money, and stop living off of all the people who...
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