Drug Testing for Welfare

Topics: Drug addiction, Supreme Court of the United States, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients
The question at hand is, should recipients of welfare undergo drug testing for use of illegal drugs in order to receive their welfare checks? This is one of the issues that the US Congress and the US citizens have been debating for years. Author, Arthur Delany explains the concern of both sides of this question in his article, “Welfare Drug Testing Bill Introduced In Congress”, published in The Huffington Post. Like many social issues, there are opposing view points on the idea. On this issue, many would argue that drug testing for welfare recipients is unconstitutional and ultraconservative, while on the complete opposite side the argument, it is believed that the US government should not give taxpayer’s money to people using and abusing illegal drugs. The problem is both arguments seem to have good reasoning behind their debates, which is why I decided to use this particular article by Arthur Delany, to make my point. I personally believe in drug testing for welfare recipients, and I believe it will be interesting to truly examine and to understand the reasoning of those who oppose it. In many pockets of the United States, there have been attempts to push drug testing for welfare recipients into legislation, but it has never passed into law. The problem with this issue, like many social and political issues, as noted earlier, is there are at least two opinions, with half the people trying to turn a matter into law, and the other half trying to stop it. For example, in Florida in 2011 the legislation to put drug testing in place when applying for welfare went into action. However, that order was very short lived. One reason was that the state of Florida was not able to prove, using research data, that there was a drug abuse problem in that state in general. The order was taken to court by the opposition and a three judge panel in charge of the case wrote “The State has presented no evidence, that simply...

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