Drug Profile Paper

Topics: Cocaine, Drug addiction, Crack cocaine Pages: 4 (1309 words) Published: August 14, 2011
Drug Profile Paper
Chemical Dependency in the Workplace
April 20, 2011

Drug Profile Paper

This paper will summarize some aspects on the psychology and physiology of cocaine addiction as well as other particular drug substances that causes hallucinations and depression In addition illegal and legal drugs that are widely used by young adults like stimulants, cannabis and narcotics will be discuss as well. No doubt, crack cocaine surfaced to the Los Angeles street in the early 80’s this small but power drug took control of thousands of lives, destroyed multitudes of families and brought back gang related deaths in the thousands. To understand how cocaine drug use became so popular one would have to go back and research the very beginning of how it was used. The American people have always abused some type of substance, from the early beginning drugs were used for medical cures. Colonial residents and their predecessors relied on derivatives of natural substances to cure ailments, increase sexual potency, and relieve pain, and to provide pure old fashioned pleasure (De Quincey). Rumors states that Cocaine was used for medical purposes, and was the main ingredient in Coke Cola products back in the 1800’s. Men, and women both used cocaine, but women used it far, more often than men. These women would snort cocaine for energy. These tough pioneer women had a strong belief that cocaine increased their sex drive, improved coordination and concentration. In addition cocaine was administered by doctors and dentists to patients for pain and used for local anesthesia. Cocaine is an acid hydrochloride, and has three major effects. First effect is the euphoria (a feeling of excitement and joy). Second effect stimulant (a temporary increase in functional activity), and third local anesthesia (induced loss of sensitivity to pain in all or a part of the body for medical reasons). However, the short and long term effect of cocaine...
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