Drug Profile Paper

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Nicotine Pages: 4 (1123 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Drug Profile Paper
Sherry Grant
December 3, 2012
Mrs. Barbara Nosal

Drug Profile Paper
Drugs tend to have very different effects many of which can make them appealing and therefore lead to substance abuse. Every day on the news, in various media outlets, and often in our own lives we hear about a person that has fallen victim to an addiction of some sort. This paper is designed to explain the physiology and psychology of addiction while demonstrating the addictive potential of various drug substances. Let’s have a look at what makes an addict an addict. Psychology of Addiction

There are a number of things within a person’s behavioral traits that can make them more susceptible to drug addiction than others. If a person feels they are helpless or have little control over their lives they could turn to drugs as a means to control their reality to some extent. In some cases this can be an escape from a negative reality. People that are not succeeding in their activities, are not accepted well by peers, are physically or verbally abused, and those that are genuinely unhappy are more susceptible to addiction than others. Some people may use drugs because they like the effects that may bring a false sense of confidence, bring forth an illusion of social acceptance, or might make them thinner if they are insecure about weight. There are a number of reasons a person turns to drugs but often the drugs are used to displace negative feelings in their life. This is where the addiction takes its strongest form in fact because if a person is unhappy and does not seek a natural enjoyment in life they are not likely to avoid addiction. Many people go to rehab and end up back at square one because they eliminated the drugs from their life they did not address the psychological cause of drug abuse making it difficult to recover from the addiction fully. Now that we understand why a person might want to do drugs let’s have a look at why people feel physically...
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