Drug Paper

Topics: Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Date rape drug Pages: 8 (2247 words) Published: October 11, 2005
Drugs and You

There are many drugs in this world. Most of these drugs are hurtful and addicting. If you get hooked up in the wrong situation you may be addicted for life. These drugs are very harmful to your body. They can cause serious injuries and can sometimes lead to ones death.

One of these drugs that are very harmful and addicting is the drug ecstasy. Also know as Methylenedioxymethamphetamines, MDMA. There are many street names for this drug. Some include: •Adam
•X-T-C, X, X-ing
•E, Essence
•Love drug, love trip
•Speed for lovers
Ecstasy is a mind-altering drug that can cause hallucinogenic and amphetamine effects. This drug can alter your perception of time and distance. Ecstasy was invented as a diet pill in the year 1914 where it was legal until the year 1985. This drug is taken mostly for the hallucinogenic effects instead of the stimulant that cocaine or amphetamines are used for. Ecstasy pills can vary in the amount of drug consisted. This is a bad thing that can often lead to ecstasy overdose. Some of these harmful drugs have a medical purpose. Ecstasy is not one of them.

This drug is the most common drug used in rave clubs, all night parties that consist of ecstasy use. It enhances self-awareness and creates a tingly feeling in your arm, which may lead to physical contact between abusers. This feeling causes people to be very touchy because of the feeling created in your arms, hence the name, Love drug.

When the drug became illegal it immediately became popular on the streets. Till this day it is a very common drug that can be found almost everywhere. Ecstasy has become the "drug of choice" for young people in the United States. Users explain that ecstasy can create a sense of well-being and self-awareness. This can lead to new insights and sensory inspection. Users can feel a strong sense of empathy and emotional intimacy.

MDMA is often confused with the drug LSD. MDMA can make people trust each other and can be a way of communication. Some severe consequences of this drug are that it can cause long-term psychological difficulties, which include paranoia, confusion, drug craving, depression, sleep problems, and severe anxiety. Some physical consequences are constant teeth- quenching, muscle tension, nausea, blurred vision, rapid eye movement, faintness, and chills and sweating. This drug is especially bad for people with heart problems. MDMA can increase blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature.

Ecstasy is usually taken in a pill form. It is rarely injected or inhaled. Each pill can range from $25- $40. The high lasts for about 20 min to an hour. Higher doses can last up to about 2 days, and can cause nausea, extreme confusion, anxiety, and depression and physical fatigue.

Now a day there is a new kind of ecstasy that is promoted as a "safer" alternative to the real ecstasy. This type of ecstasy is called, herbal ecstasy. This is not necessarily safer, it lead to about 20 deaths and 800 accounts of strokes and heart attacks. Herbal ecstasy can be found on almost any shelf in a health food or convenience store. Herbal ecstasy mainly consists of caffeine and ephedrine. It is also a pill that is taken orally. Slang for herbal ecstasy includes: Cloud 9, Rave energy, X, Ultimate X-phoria.

Another harmful drug is the Date Rape drug. Date Rape drugs include GHB, Rohypnol, and Ketamine. Date Rape drugs often lead to intended sexual assault. Often these drugs have no color, smell, or taste, which make it easy to slip into victims' drinks without them knowing. GHB is often found in a liquid or white powder form or pill form. Rohypnol is found in a pill form that dissolves in liquids. Ketamine is a white powder. These drugs affect you quickly and can have a lasting effect on a person. The length of effect varies on how much is consumed and if...

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