Drug Legalization

Topics: Drug addiction, Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, Drug Pages: 3 (1035 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Drug Legalization/Research

The debate over drug prohibition ending has been going on for decades. People worry that it will bring more deaths and crime, but can it really get any worse? The drug war is costly and controversial since we don’t know the outcome. It could be a better solution, where people realize they craved drugs because it was the forbidden fruit and it loses publicity. Or it could cause more deaths since it may be easier to obtain and there’s no consequences if you decide to do it. No one truly knows, but at the rate we’re going, it may be the only solution.

Marijuana. It’s helped many cancer and epileptic patients with relieving pain and with actually eliminating seizures or cancer. Yet is looked upon as the “gateway drug” which causes you to become insane, as the 60’s magazines would say. Then there’s Oxycontin, which is made by the help of heroin, perfectly legal. Yet it is one of the most addictive and abused drugs. This is an ideal example of drug laws failing to stop addiction or deaths. Legalizing drugs would eliminate many problems the government has been facing for a while.

One simple resolution of legalizing drugs would be eliminating drug cartels, which would cause crime rates to go down. Eduardo Porter from ‘’NY times’’ states “When policy makers in Washington worry about Mexico these days, they think in terms of a handful of numbers: Mexico’s 19,500 hectares devoted to poppy cultivation for heroin; its 17,500 hectares growing cannabis; the 95 percent of American cocaine imports brought by Mexican cartels through Mexico and Central America.” This proves to show how our main import of drugs is Mexico and its drug cartels, which would be eliminated if we legalized illicit drugs. But of course people argue, “there will still be crime”. Of course there will, but it will definitely bring down the constant demand from drug cartels.

Not only will it eliminate crime but also it will help the country with the deficit we have been...
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