Drug Laws

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The Bedford Handbook

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The Bedford Handbook
Eighth Edition
Diana Hacker Nancy Sommers
Harvard University

Contributing Authors Tom Jehn
Harvard University

Jane Rosenzweig
Harvard University

Contributing ESL Specialist Marcy Carbajal Van Horn
St. Edward’s University




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Preface for Instructors

Hacker handbooks have long been recognized as the most innovative and practical college references — the ones that respond most directly to student writers’ questions and challenges. In revising The Bedford Handbook, our goal was to continue to respond to students by helping them make the most of their college writing experiences. Part of our revision plan — crafted with my fellow contributors and Diana Hacker’s longtime editorial team — was to learn firsthand what’s happening in composition classrooms and writing centers across the country. With our plan in mind, I visited more than thirty-five colleges and universities to listen to students, teachers, and tutors talk about the challenges facing today’s college writers. Throughout my travels, I heard students puzzle out the unfamiliar elements of academic writing, particularly those related to working with sources. I watched creative teachers show their students how to build arguments, synthesize sources, and strengthen their ideas through revision. I observed writing center tutors responding to students’ questions about thesis statements and research assignments. And I listened, everywhere, for clues about how to develop a better, more useful reference. The eighth edition is inspired by the students, teachers, and tutors at these schools — and by the candid feedback offered by users of The Bedford Handbook’s earlier editions.



Preface for instructors

As you look through this new edition, you’ll find many innovations — large and small — that help students make the most of their experience as college writers. For example, new boxes called Making the most of your handbook pull together advice from...
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