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IN THE DRUG WAR - EDUCATION IS THE BEST WEAPON It seems that in the ongoing debate over whether to legalize drugs in the United States, quite a few people feel that legalization would diminish the crime rate. Their argument points out that the permissible use of marijuana would eliminate the necessity for people to go into hard drug territories to purchase such a drug and maybe even deter them from trying narcotics like crack-cocaine and heroin. War on Drugs

Have we lost the War on Drugs? The War on Drugs officially started in 1972 with President Nixon declaring that drug law enforcement was not strict enough. To ... Even though these people assert that legalization could diminish crime rate, they forget to realize that alcohol and nicotine are legal psychoactive drugs and have detrimental hazards on our society. Since these drugs are easily obtainable, they are more often used by people of all ages. Although education about nicotine effects decreased smoking in our country, the crimes related to alcohol abuse are still staggering in our community due to the easy accessibility and acceptance from the population in general. Americas Drug War

Today’s Drug laws seem to do more harm than good. The so-called drug war hasn’t seemed to be as effective as it was intended to be. Its original intent lies ... The way alcohol impairs a person's brain it is amazing that more efforts have not been made to in some way deter people from drinking like they have been deterred from smoking. Prohibition is out since it has been acceptable and we know what happened when we did try to prohibit alcohol. If we were to legal other drugs, it would be hard to rescind the decision much like with alcohol and nicotine. Legalization is a scary issue when it The Wonderful War on Drugs

The Wonderful War On Drugs In recent years the so-called “war on drugs” has taken over the streets and back alleys of suburban America. It has caused a ... is looked upon in this respect. Contrary to the feelings of those who rationalize legalization, this answer does not seem to hold a feasible solution to the drug problems of today. In essence, legalizing them is just like saying that the use of mind altering substances is not only tolerable, but lawful as well. From a anti-legalization standpoint, legalizing any drugs would entice the so called closest users into mainstream society with their abuse of the drugs that would be Losing the War on Drugs

Losing the War on Drugs America is spending millions of dollars to run ad campaigns with teenage waifs smashing up the kitchen with frying pans, brain fried egg ... legalized and generate a mass media of intoxicated people. We as humans seem to want to medicate ourselves when circumstances are out of our control, forgetting the long term dangers involved when use becomes abuse with a particular drug. It is not just the individual that gets hurt, but the children of tomorrow as well. How many children are killed in drug related incidents each day and furthermore how many pick up their parent's habits in relation to drug use. Losing The War On Drugs

Losing the War on Drugs America is spending millions of dollars to run ad campaigns with teenage waifs smashing up the kitchen with frying pans, brain fried egg commercials, ... Like produces like, and an addict is only breeding grounds for more addicts with the same handicap when dealing with life. Take for example smoking cigarettes. A child is more likely to pick up the habit of smoking if one of their parents smoke. If drugs were legalized, then the parent, if a drug user, would in effect be endorsing the use of psychoactive drugs. The abuse of any mind altering substance is a symptom of much greater problems within Drug War

We spend $50 billion per year trying to eradicate drugs from this country. According to DEA estimates we capture less than 10 percent of all illicit drugs. In this regard, ... the individual. Legalizing the now illegal drugs would proliferate more...
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