Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation Paper

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Drug-Free Workplace Evaluation
According to the United States Department of Labor, “Employers and employees should work together to examine each component and design a balanced, fair program suited to the unique needs and challenges of the workplace. (Mbhaynes, 2009)” The paper discusses whether Brown Haynes Construction Company(BHC) has clearly defined their drug-free policy, has BHC implemented a comprehensive drug awareness and education program, does BHC train supervisors or faculty to detect and manage substance abuse issues, does BHC support an employee assistance program and finally what are those policies. The Following are Brown Haynes Construction Company Guidelines and Regulations for Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace: About Our Company

Brown Haynes Construction Company is widely known in Western North Carolina for the multi-faceted services we provide to meet our customers' needs. Our diverse open-shop work force of over 500 people in over 25 crafts provides the corporation with the ability to self-perform virtually any size project. M.B. Haynes, the founder of BHC started his open-shop electrical contracting company in Asheville in 1921. Today, as part of Brown Haynes Construction Company still holds the oldest active North Carolina electrical construction contractor's license - number 3-U. “We primarily work within a 1.5 hour driving radius of our headquarters and are also licensed in SC, TN, GA, & VA. We have the experience, equipment, support and field personnel to handle projects of any magnitude. The services we offer are quite diverse and our focus is on constant improvement in safety, quality and productivity. We are recognized for the character and quality of our long-term employees and our ability to consistently meet our commitments. We are passionate about completing challenging goals better than our competition. (Samhsa, 2009)” Whether we're discussing about internal or external customers, our goal is to grow our customer base and...

References: Brown Haynes Construction Company Work Habits Retrieved February 10, 2010 from http://workplace.samhsa.gov/Brown
Corporate Safety department Retrieved from http://mbhaynes.com/safety.shtml
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