Drug Enforcement Administration

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What I Know About the Drug Enforcement Administration
The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) works to lessen and eliminate the use, transportation, and sale of drugs in the United States. They are the only government organized organization with the purpose of controlling drug traffic. The Drug Enforcement Administration seems to be most known for their role in stopping drug transportation across borders by use of DEA officers, police-trained dogs, and other tools. To my knowledge the DEA may have many other roles, possibly including the elimination of drug manufacturing throughout the world, tracking down and stopping major drug trafficking organizations within the United States border, US territories, and minor outlying islands. I also believe the DEA has an extensive history and has been fairly successful in their operations.

The DEA has also served rolls in popular culture, being used in many movies, television shows, and possibly even music. Movies include appearances in Blue Streak, James Bond, and Swordfish. Some TV shows include NYPD Blue, Monk, CSI, among others.

I believe what I know about the Drug Enforcement Administration is only a minimal portion of what they are responsible for and what effect they have had on society. Research
My research confirmed a lot of what I know about the DEA, however I discovered a lot more information regarding the organization.
The Drug Enforcement Administration was founded on July 1st, 1973 during Richard Nixon’s administration. The purpose of the DEA was to unify the efforts of the 2 standing drug-related organizations at the time, the Bureau of Drug Abuse Control (BDAC) and the federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN). The original document created by Richard Nixon concerning the creation of the DEA is shown below.

The first administrator of the DEA was John R. Bartels, Jr. His biggest achievement was unifying the efforts of the existing drug-related organization, which he succeeded greatly in doing....
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