Drug Dosage

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Student Exploration: Drug Dosage

Vocabulary: controlled release, dosage, drug, overdose, target organ

Prior Knowledge Question (Do this BEFORE using the Gizmo.)

Suppose you take aspirin for a headache. What happens after you swallow the pill?

The aspirin starts begins to dissolve by the enzymes and are soaked in while traveling down to the stomach. They then are distributed to the areas that need the pain relief.

Gizmo Warm-up
A drug is a substance that causes changes in how your body functions. When you swallow a pill, the pill dissolves in your digestive system and the drug is absorbed into your bloodstream. Many drugs are designed to affect specific target organs.

The Drug Dosage Gizmo™ allows you to monitor the concentration of drugs in the bloodstream and target organ of a patient. To begin, check that Pill Type A is selected. Pill A is a general painkiller similar to aspirin. Click Play ([pic]) and press the Take Pill button.

1. Click Pause ([pic]) after about 10 minutes of simulated time. In the Body Chemistry panel, observe the concentration of drug in the blood. The unit of concentration is micrograms per cubic centimeter (mcg/cc).

Has any drug entered the bloodstream after 10 minutes? No

2. Change the simulation speed to 2, and press Play. Click Pause when the BLOOD value starts to increase. How long does it take for the drug to reach the blood? It takes about 40 minutes for the aspirin to reach the blood

3. Click Play, and then click Pause when the patient starts to smile. Approximately what concentration of drug is needed to relieve the patient’s pain? It takes about 2 pills to make the patient feel no pain.

|Activity A: |Get the Gizmo ready: |[pic] | | |Click Reset ([pic]). | | |Dosage |Check that Pill Type A is selected. | |

Question: The dosage of a drug is the quantity of drug that is taken in a given time period. How can you determine the ideal dosage of a drug?

1. Observe: Click Play and press the Take Pill button. Set the simulation speed to 20, and click Pause after eight simulated hours have passed. Select the GRAPH tab.

A. What was the maximum blood concentration of the drug? 30 mcg

B. What is the general shape of the graph? A line curving up


C. Why do you think the graph has the shape it has? Because its showing how long it takes for the whole pill to enter the body system and start doing its job.

D. Most drugs are eliminated from the bloodstream by the kidneys and pass out of the body in urine. How does this fact explain the shape of the graph?

It explains it because theres a drop at the end of the line where the medicine isnt as strong which is due to the fact of the patient urinating causing the drug to be released from the body.

2. Experiment: Click Reset. Set the simulation speed to 2. Click Play, and click Take Pill two times quickly. Watch the facial expressions of the patient for about one simulated hour.

What do you notice? ________________________________________________________

The patient frowns when the blood concentration of the drug is too low or too high. Ingesting too much of a drug can result in a dangerous overdose.

3. Gather data: Click Reset. Click Play, and then click Take Pill twice as you did before.

While the blood concentration is decreasing, click Pause when the patient starts to smile. Record the blood concentration and time below. Click Play, and then click Pause...
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