Drug Cartel

Topics: United States, Mexican Drug War, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: October 18, 2011
This paper summarizes the activity of the drug cartels that is responsible for terrorizing the citizens inside and outside Mexico. They are responsible for ruining young people’s lives by making them addicted to the drugs. These drug cartels are in Mexico and send drugs illegally throughout the world and their goal to make a lot of money by making more people to purchase their drugs. These organizations work like Mafia that no power could stop them from doing so. They have threatened people to the extent that no one is ready to talk or write against them at schools, public places and even online blogs. Numerous incidents and crimes have happened in the past couple to days by these drug cartels which have been a sign of terror among people.

Drug Cartels’ Activity in Mexico
Usage of drug has become a very common thing among young generations in the United States of America. Teenagers are buying drugs online or through friends illegally. There are numerous illegal drug users in the world today and the United States is the biggest market for drugs. There is a big organization called Drug Cartels which illegally sell drug to the United States of America and all over the world illegally and yet there is no power to stop them from doing so. This organization originates in Mexico. Member of these organizations have committed so many crimes for the past couple of years which has threatened people recently. The use of illegal drug in the United States through these Drug Cartels has been a big problem and is only getting worse year after year. Drug cartels grow and then ship drugs into the United States through several different ways. Process of such actions should be prevented as soon as possible before it ruins our young generations’ lives.

According to CNN, “Mexican Drug Cartels have sent a warning to bloggers by hanging two people from the bridge in northern Mexico accompanied by a hand- written note which said "This is going to happen to all of those...
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