Drug Addiction: a Hobby or a Disease

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Jade Johnson
November 30, 2010
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Drug Addiction: A Hobby or a Disease
What is Drug Addiction
Whether talking about any drug addiction: alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, methamphetamine addiction, or even heroin addiction, the pattern is the same, the person tries to escape some physical or emotional pain by taking drugs. This could be a physical or emotional pain, or the discomfort of boredom, peer pressure, and/or lack of social skills.

The person finds that the drugs offer temporary relief, so continues to abuse them. When the person uses the drugs it seems to handle their immediate problem. With continued use of the drug, the body’s ability to produce certain chemicals is diminished because these chemicals are replaced by the drug. The body uses the drug as a substitute for it’s own natural chemicals. Deprived of it’s own resources (and the ability to create them) the body perceives that it needs the drug to function and demands the drug, through physical cravings.

The cravings are a way of making the person get more drugs to be able to function at all. Drug cravings become so severe that the addict will do almost anything (in many cases, abandoning all previous moral teachings) to get more of the drug. People who are addicted will find themselves doing things they would never have contemplated before. The addict commits misdeeds against family, friends, and themselves to satisfy unrelenting cravings. These misdeeds include lying, stealing, cheating, and just about anything to get the drugs to satisfy the drug cravings. Because of these misdeeds, the person is now entrapped in full blown drug addiction. Waiting will not help a drug addict. No matter what they say, if they have not quit using drugs by now, they won‘t, not without help. Drug Addiction Statistics

Heroin Statistics
In 1999 heroin and morphine usage was the reason of 51% accidental deaths from drugs, reported Drug Abuse Warning Network, or DAWN. Heroin is a drug to which it's easy to get used. It's taking is an important problem in the US. Statistics shows that over 600,000 people are to be cured of addiction to heroin. Current informal data tell us that people prefer to smoke or to snort heroine because they are sure this form of usage won't cause addiction to the drug. Besides the impact of the drug itself, street-solved heroin may have additional components that don't dissolve completely and result in blood channels' blocking, this can affect the ability of lungs, liver, kidneys or brain to work. This can be the reason for death of some vitally important parts' cells. The amount of visits to ED, relating with heroine/morphine usage has grown for 15 percent, from 84,409 to 97,287. The way of taking drugs among individuals has changed in a way. In 1993, 74% of heroin addicts were those who took the drug with a syringe. By 1999, this number has lessened to 66%. The snorting way to take the drug has grown from 23% in 1993 to 28% in 1999. In 2000, the statistics of DAWN showed that emergency room episodes related with heroine have grown for 15% since last year.

In 2001 wholesale prices for this kind of drug in South America varied from $50,000 to $250,000 per kilogram. Wholesale prices for heroin in Southwest and Southeast Asia varied from $35,000 to $120,000 per kilogram, the price for Mexican heroin varied from $15,000 to $65,000 per kilogram. Street heroine costs $10 per dose, but the prices are different in different regions of the country. The heroin drug-taker has to pay $150 to $250 a day to support his/her addiction to the substance. Crack Cocaine Statistics

As the US Sentencing Commission reports, only 5.5% of imprisoned individuals have a large business in selling the drug. Over 100 years after cocaine was firstly taken a new hybrid of drugs became popular. This hybrid, crack, is spread over the world in mid-1980s because of its low price and the easy way to produce and purchase it....
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