Drug Addiction and Its Effects

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Addiction Pages: 4 (1518 words) Published: July 24, 2012
Drug Addiction and its Effects

Drugs consume many individuals’ lives and can have a tremendous effect on their relationships and health, but anyone can get help. “According to the latest surveys, cited by the DEA themselves, there are about 12.7 million people who have used some type of illegal drug in the last month and perhaps 30 to 40 million people who have used some illegal drug within the last year” (Drug Library, November 12, 2007). Two of the most common drugs people choose to use are methamphetamine or “meth” and heroin, although any drug can have a huge impact on relationships with friends and family members. “Short term” or “long” term drug use can have a negative effect on an individual’s health which may or may not be reversible. Getting help can be hard to do, but there are options out there for everyone that is interested in seeking treatment. Some individuals may need an intervention, which is done with friends and family members, to realize just how serious their problem is. When a user finally realizes that they have a problem and are willing to get treatment, a rehabilitation center can help them and anyone else who truly wants help with their personal path to recovery.

There are many drugs that are affecting the lives of individuals today, but one of the most common drugs that people choose to use is methamphetamine or “meth.” Meth has many street names and some of those include glass, ice, crystal and crank. Meth is a powdery substance that can be ingested in many ways such as being smoked, snorted, taken orally or injected intravenously. Meth is a powerful stimulant that affects the central nervous system of an individual, which over produces certain chemicals in the brain like adrenaline and dopamine. Adrenaline is a chemical that is released from the adrenal gland which causes the feeling an individual feels when they are scared or angry and dopamine is a chemical...

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