Drug Addiction and Cozy Love Nest

Topics: Drug addiction, Debut albums Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: April 27, 2014
Topic: Drown, chapter 3
This chapter of the book Drown, written by Junot Diaz is called Aurora. This is where the narrator tells the story of his encounters with sex and drugs. He sells drugs on the streets to children and elderly people only, because he believes that by doing this it would save their business from unwanted trouble and the Police. He wanted to incorporate the drug business to make it bigger but his friend persuaded him not to expand because according to him it works better for the older people cause they are reliable that way. His sexual exploits surround a girl name Aurora. Aurora is a skinny young lady who is constantly in and out of the Juvenile center because she is a drug addict and gets caught by the Police quite regularly. The narrator loves Aurora although he is warned by his friend Cut to leave her alone as he thinks that she is no good for him. He and Aurora are always fighting but even though they do, whenever he doesn’t see her for a while he misses her. “I’m just waiting for Aurora to show up he said. Fridays are good days to expect her... we always have something new and she knows it”. “Sometimes he and Aurora will find empty apartments that are yet to be rented and make it into their own cozy love nest until the super in charge of the apartment comes and clean it up for the next tenant, and then they will find another. After a while the narrator was seeing less of Aurora as she was hanging out with new friends but he will still go to look for her even if she doesn’t want to see him. The last time the narrator saw Aurora before she went back to the Juvenile Center, he found her outside hot with fever. She wanted him to go with her to her friend hacienda. He had a gut feeling that he shouldn’t go but he still did, he hope that she would change her mind and quit drugs because he know that if she did he would hold her forever and never let her go, but she did not change her mind. He waited outside the house for her listening to...
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