Drug addiction

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Drug Addiction
People have used drugs for as long as they have strained to ease pain and avoid problems. Since the early 1960s drug addiction has been in very common. Drugs are theoretical to do ideal things but all they really do is destroy the human body. Drug addiction is mostly found in teens and the most popular drug used widespread is alcohol. Drug addiction is a serious physical and psychological problem that has many factors including mental, physical addictions, and withdrawal. Drug addiction can hurt lives, although many unfortunate factors cause one to fall into drug addiction, many treatments exist to save the individual from the horrible consequences. 

Many people don’t understand how addicting drugs can be. It is a major problem in today’s society. It is very simple for people to get their hands on drugs, which makes them vulnerable to drug addiction. Although drug abuse and addiction have no cause, there are many reasons why people do drugs.  Many first try drugs out of curiosity, to have a good time, since friends are doing it, or to relief stress. Whether it’s smoking a joint with friends at the weekend, or taking molly at a rave, or cocaine at an party, for example, can change to using drugs a on occasions to socially. Gradually, getting and using the drug becomes an addiction and part of life. Addiction occurs from habitual drug use.  Drug causes a rush in levels of dopamine in your brain. The rush creates pleasure, which your brain remembers and wants to repeat the pleasure. When you’re addicted to a drug, the intense desire to use cultivates more significant than anything other, including family, friends, career, and even your own health. The urge to use drugs can be so strong that your brain finds many ways to deny the addiction. (Drug Abuse & Addiction.”)

Addicts are often unable to recognize when they have become addicted to drugs. There are numerous signs and symptoms that indicate drug use, both behavioral and physical. Drug...

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