Drug Addiction

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Drug Addiction
(Focus of the Study: “Shabungan” at Brgy. Victoria Reyes, Dasmariñas, Cavite)

Group No.
Cuenca, Ma. Kristina B.
Enon, Jane Loraine S.
Tuban, Julie An
Pelisco, Marvelous
Salcedo, Yvette
Laganzo, Ma. Riellyn Mae
Austria, Gerald
Mateo, Alyssa


Drug Addiction is a chronic disease affecting the brain, and just about everyone is different. It was also a condition that characterized by compulsive drug intake, craving and seeking despite what majority of society may perceive as the negative consequences associated with drug use. Drugs affect different people in different ways. One person can take and abuse drugs, yet never become addicted, while another merely has one experience and is immediately hooked. It does not only destroy the capability of the drug dependent to think clearly. It also strips him off his morality.

Statistics of drug dependents or addicts in the Philippines in 2006 has reached 60,000 (a rough estimate). From a health worker’s point of view, this number is startling given the available facilities in the country and the effects this number has on social processes and national image.


The following are the objectives of our research: (1) To find out the reason why they take drugs (2) To know how often they take drugs (3) To know the effects of drugs to their lives.


The method utilized by the researchers was conducting an interview to two inmates from Brgy. Victoria Reyes who used drugs and also from a police officer from Dasmariñas City Jail. They also used information from the internet such as youtube to find the scan the environment in Brgy. Victoria Reyes because the footage of the raid done by Imbestigador and NBI last June 2009 at the said barangay can be watch at the website. Additionally, they also go to the said barangay to take some pictures. Moreover, they also go to the City Government of Dasmarinas to get the information about the total number of household in the said barangay and also other details about the barangay. For the tools used, they prepare questionnaires for the inmates and police officer regarding the topic. They use cell phone to record their voice instead of video recording to avoid any violent reaction from the interviewee while answering some of their questions. The interviews they conducted were successfully done.

A.Scan of the environment
Brgy. Victoria Reyes was a sub-barangay of Brgy. San Nicolas II Dasmariñas, Cavite. Its north boundary is Brgy. Burol 3, at south is the Bautista Property, at East is the river and across was the Paliparan 3, and at West was the San Nicolas II and San Simon Area-C. The total number of household population in the barangay was 2385 based on the 2007 actual census of NSO.

This barangay is a resettlement area. Alongside of the river is where the “Shabungan” has been built wherein the houses were built close to each other making drug trafficking much easier. It was so called “Shabungan” because it was like the your in the illegal cockfight with men right here and there giving their money not on their bets but on shabu. Statistics of drug dependents or addicts in the Philippines in 2006 has reached 60,000 (a rough estimate). In Dasmarinas, a total of 61 inmates were in the jail because of drug-related cases.

Pictures of Brgy. Victoria Reyes. Screenshots from youtube, Imbestigadors’ footage of the raid in the barangay last June 2009.
Pictures of Brgy. Victoria Reyes last September 16,2010. However, we were not able to get a photo of the condition of the residence near the river where the former “Shabungan” was bult because it is dangerous.

B.Analysis of the problem

1.Application of any sociological theory

The following are the sociological theories that we applied to the problem:

1.Anomie - Characteristic of modern society described by French sociologist Emile Durkheim (1858-1917). In modern...
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