Drug Addiction

Topics: Drug addiction, Illegal drug trade, Heroin Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: October 30, 2008
In the 21st century, drug addiction has become the major problem in the world. Drugs, are usually used in medical purpose such as painkiller, because of human in abusing drugs, drugs has been restrict as it is danger to human health and it will caused addiction. The reasons that people often taking drugs is because that drugs make them feel good, because ‘drug act directly on the limbic, or “pleasure center” in the brain’ (people on drugs 2008). The main causes that lead a human to become drug addiction are peer pressure, easily access, and family problem. One of the factors that caused people to become drug addiction is peer pressure. Peer pressure is large enough to influence a human especially teenagers. During teenagers years many of them wanted to be popular among their friends in their group and they are dare to accept any challenge such as smoking cigarette, and taking drugs from their friends. Besides teenagers, adult will also be pressured by it, for example, after working many of them go for clubbing as to release their tension and stress, but in other hands this will caused them to have more chances to get involved with drug addiction.

The other causes is easily access, people now can easily get drug from the street, this is because of the greediness of the drug dealer, they wanted to have more income from drug market and they has threaten most of the drug user to sell drugs for them. This has caused the increased of people that sell drugs and promoting drugs to the public. When people had heard about drugs frequently, it may convince the person to try drugs. In other cases, people who involve in drug addiction have no choice, they need to sell drugs to other so that they have enough money to buy drugs for them self.

Another cause of drug addiction is family problem such as divorce, quarrel, and financial problem, when a person is stressful and disappointed, they might take drug for temporary get away from his or her responsibility, when drug has...
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