Drug Abuse and Addiction

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Drug Abuse and Addiction, Problems & Solutions in Turkey

Drug Abuse and Addiction, Problems & Solutions in Turkey Abdullah Furkan Kaya
İstanbul Şehir University

Drug abuse is an addiction, which has different substance types and can ruin people’s life or even cause death. People use it for variety of reasons such as getting away from their bothers or getting high. Approximately 200 million people abusing drugs, most of them are addicted in the world. This number is 200 thousand and more than 300 people dies per year in Turkey due to drug abuse. For having a good future for youngsters, Turkey must take care of drug use. According to Necmettin Özerkmen (2005), last years the use of drugs has increased day by day in Turkey. It is significant to work on this issue because of it interests and affects not only the personal or domestic, yet also on human being. The drug abuse and addiction causes substantial problems such as social, criminal and health problems. These critical problems can prevent or cure thanks to these movements: government missions, communication between family and health cares.

There are several reasons that lead people to use drugs. To begin with, having a fallacy that assuming life as meaningless. Youngsters or students face with troubles and occasions, which are never seen to them or concerns about their future. Those problems and their affects sometimes pass over, but sometimes they stick in teenager’s mind and bother. In these types of situations adolescents drop their guard lower and they may try some kind of drugs and substances. Likewise, adults may consider life as boring and sometimes they seek for new excitements. Sense of wonder can lead them to try some substances and they can become addicted. Again like these situation some people, who are lived everything with money, never been satisfied. They become ennui for life and use harmful addictive substances. Moreover, bad environment,...

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