Drug Abuse

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Drug Abuse
Many people in the world have abused drugs at least once in their lifetime and some of those people abuse it every day. Lots of drug abuse often turns into a drug addiction which is much more serious and can even be deadly.Many people do not understand that people who have drug addictions choose to continue their behaviors or that they lack the will to quit. Many people just assume that a person with a drug addiction could just quit anytime they wanted to but that is not the case. Because of the ways that drugs change the brain quitting is extremely hard, even if a person wants to quit. Although the decision to take drugs for the first time is a personal choice, eventually the brain changes to reduce self control and their ability to resist that drug. Drug addiction is a complex problem and scientists are just beginning to understand how to successfully assess and treat a drug addiction. Drug abuse will often lead to an addiction and once addicted it will take more than just good intentions to quit. To understand how people become so addicted to drugs that they can not stop doing them you need to understand how drugs affect the brain. Some drugs like marijuana and heroin have certain chemical messengers that act as neurotransmitters which are already produced by the brain. Methamphetamines, cocaine, and some other drugs cause nerve cells to release excessive amounts of the neurotransmitters that are already produced by the brain. Either way the brain is filled with dopamine which is the neurotransmitter that control movement, emotion, motivation, and feelings of pleasure. This reaction makes a person want to access this reward feeling again and again which leads to a person abusing drugs. Because the reward system that drugs activate are usually activated for things that are necessary for survival the body naturally wants to continue to access this reward system leading to excessive drug use and eventually an addiction.

As a person starts to do drugs more and more often a person's tolerance, or the amount of that drug they need to get high increases. When a person does drugs constantly their brain is constantly being filled with dopamine which is the neurotransmitter that most drugs cause a release of. The brain adapts to the constant flooding of dopamine by producing less dopamine or reducing the number of dopamine receptors in the reward part of the brain. This results in the drug and other aspects of life to become less fun or pleasurable. The change in life now makes life seem not as good leading the person to need to do more and more of that drug just to feel normal again. To keep reaching the high they want the person needs to keep increasing the amount of that drug they are doing until eventually it gets to the point that they need the drugs just to feel normal again. Different drugs can lead to different addictions and an addiction that a person has can be a physical addiction or a psychological addiction. People who are usually recognized as drugs addicts are people with physical addictions. Many drugs such as nicotine, heroin, and meth cause severe physical addictions that are hard to overcome. When a person has a physical addiction their bodies will experience actual health issues if that person does not keep doing the drug they are addicted to. When people are physically addicted to a drug they will feel sick and their bodies will hurt if they can not do the drug. The pain and sickness felt when not doing a drug that a person is addicted to is withdrawal. When dealing with a physical addiction withdrawal can be anywhere from a small headache to very severe problems depending on what it is your body is addicted to. Withdrawal to some drugs like alcohol can cause seizures which can actually kill the person. Other drugs like caffeine just cause a small headache in the morning. Often people with a physical addiction to a drug also have a psychological addiction to it.To help get over a physical...
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