Drug Abuse

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Drug Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: June 4, 2007
The illegal or harmful use of drugs is a major threat to the world and to future generations. Drugs are substances that are becoming more common in our communities as each day goes by. The demand for drugs is also increasing daily. People need to act and play a part in the combating of drugs starting in their own homes. Every individual needs to be aware of the consequences of drug abuse and to help spread the word starting at young ages. All parts of local and world communities need to unite the strengths of professional expertise, generational wisdom, and individual commitment to combat the drug problem as they strive together toward a healthier world. Communities can take part in the effort to put a stop to drug abuse by organizing groups of prevention experts and community volunteers whose mission is to help assure a healthier and safer world through drug prevention efforts by providing statistics and accurate information on the abuse of substances. There should also be a higher number of organizations that provide expertise on drug strategies. Everyone who seeks help against drug abuse should be able to find it regardless of where they are located. There also needs to be enforcement in stronger laws and meaningful legal penalties that hold users and dealers accountable for their actions. Firmer laws would make some of those who traffic, deal, or consume drugs think twice before they act. The fear of facing the consequences might even prevent some of those who planned to handle drugs. Organizations against drug abuse need to support efforts to prevent availability and use of drugs, and oppose policies and programs that accept drug use. They also need to support international treaties and agreements, including international authorizations and penalties against drug trafficking, and oppose attempts to weaken international drug policies and laws. Higher support in organizing efforts for a drug-free environment is needed in every community. Students need to be...
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