Topics: United States, Short story, Hispanic and Latino Americans Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: July 28, 2002

"The fact that I am writing to you in English already falsifies what I wanted to tell you."(Diaz) Drown; a compilation of short stories, by Junot Diaz portrays the integration of fiction and truth. Yunior, narrator, as he tells his stories, he exaggerates and jumps from one period of his life to another. The characters of the story can relate to many young adults. Their experiences and the journeys of their lives are what most Hispanic teenagers go through. The 10 different stories explain the different themes shown throughout the book. The Hispanic community faces many problems and Diaz states a couple of them; gender immigration, violence, drugs, family, cultural identity, and the Latin experience. In the beginning, Yunior and Rafa are both ignorant and show a sign of hate towards Ysrael. The story about Ysrael is that when he was a baby a pig bit him on the face. They find out about Ysrael, because a boy told them a story about him. Yunior and Rafa both show their views of ignorance and hatred towards Ysrael. One day they decide to go and look for him. Once they find him their first attempt is unsuccessful. Yunior and Rafa are trying to go along with the other kids so they can fit in. But when Yunior befriends Ysrael, he begins to have a serious conversation with him. Yunior is content talking with Ysrael, because he begins to realize that they share similar interest. Also both have family in the states. Yunior believed Ysrael when he told him that he was going to be cured once they had enough money to send him to the States. This was similar to the story Yuniors father had told them. Meanwhile, Rafa sees this as his opportunity to see what is underneath the mask. "The mask twitched I realized he was smiling and the my brother brought his arm around and smashed the bottle on top of his head."(Diaz 18) Once the mask was removed, their journey to see what was underneath it was not what they had expected to see. Instead of being...
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