Drovers Wife + in a Dry Season

Topics: Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe, Environment Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: March 27, 2012
‘The Drovers Wife’ + ‘In A Dry Season’
Authors such as Henry Lawson use language and other techniques to paint distinctively visual images to shape the meanings of their texts. Using these ideas Lawson creates images based on the struggles of life in the Australian bush. The two short stories ‘In a dry Season’ and ‘The Drover’s Wife’ represent the idea of how hard life in this inhospitable environment can be. Having lived in both the city and the bush Lawson is able to strongly distinguish between the two creating all round distinctive and entertaining stories. His uses of characterisation as well as adjectives to describe scenes and people, repetition to emphasise an action or feeling, and descriptions of bush life and relationships to create visual images in the imagination of readers. The two related materials chosen similarly invoke images and emotions in the respondents. The painting ‘Intruder and Parrots’ by Albert Tucker captures much of the ideas and atmosphere as well as the bleakness and dryness of the scenery and characters Lawson is trying to put across in his sketch ‘In a Dry Season’. Henry Lawson’s story ‘The Drover’s Wife’ depicts the harshness of the Australian bush and the tough, desolate and lonely life of the drover’s wife. Daniel Defoe’s story ‘Robinson Crusoe’ has similar context and themes and also uses some similar techniques to create images for the reader. ‘In a Dry Season’ complements what Lawson sees as the unforgiving Australian environment and includes elements of loneliness, depression, alcoholism and death. His idea of a train travelling through this landscape gives him the opportunity to also highlight the personalities of the individuals who live in the bush, with each one being a different facet of the stereotypical bushman character. Descriptive language shapes the negative images of the bush Lawson wants readers to visualise, and as the title implies it is set during the ‘dry’ season when the environment is at its harshest....
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