Drought Problems

Topics: Soil, Drought, Hydrology Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: April 28, 2013
By sticky sickinstien

A drought is a prolonged period of time when the precipitation is abnormally low, or when there is a shortage of water. Droughts can cause many horrible things to happen. They can cause hunger and famine, because there is not enough water to grow food or feed the animals. A drought can also cause thirst, diseases and wildfires, due to lack of water.

There are three types of drought:

Metrological - prolonged periods of low precipitation which causes a natural shortage of water. Agricultural - when enough moisture is not available for crops and farms. This can happen when the soil conditions require extra water. And not necessarily during a normal drought. Hydrological - When the water reserves, lakes, and reservoirs fall below their required levels.

Droughts normally happen during seasons that are hotter. In the United States, they happen mostly in the late Spring and Summer months. In the United States, most droughts occur in the west and Midwestern States, such as Texas, New Mexico and Lower Arizona. When serious droughts occur sometimes the Government will step in and create laws and rules for the people to help to conserve the water levels. For example, no watering your lawn or washing your car during the day, and only run your water during early or late hours.

I think we all should be very careful with our water usage and be aware of how long we leave the faucet run when we are brushing our teeth or washing the dishes.
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