Dropout Reasons

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Dropout Reasons

Dropping out is defined as leaving school. Dropping out of school is an issue faced by many students today. When students leave school, it’s usually not a decision they made overnight. Typically it’s a process that happens overtime. Students drop out of school for a number of different reasons—and it’s typically a combination of many issues. There are three main causes why students drop out of school: changing location, poor attendance, and failing in school. First of all, changing location during school time is a main reason for dropout. Maximum students drop their school because of it. Some guardians are changing their jobs and get a better job in other city so they change their location. As a result, their children also need to change their location with their parents. In some country govt. employees transferred from one location to another location after 2 or 3 years later which mainly affects their sons/daughters school life. On the other hand some people don’t feel safe in their city so they choose a better place which is secure for them. That’s why changing location is a most common reason for students to leave their schools. Attendance is one of the important parts of school. Absenteeism is an important future predictor for dropping out. Most often students miss their class due to their illness, family problems etc. Students who missed their classes are unable to catch up the flow of reading and cannot take the pressure to make up their mind for the exam. As a result, they have no choice but to leave the school. Another reason why students don't finish school is because they fail the course. Sometimes students have problems with some subjects like Mathematics, English, Physics , Chemistry so they fail the subject and as a consequence the whole course. Some students take the course again and again then some students pass the course and some of them not. Then they gave up their hope and with a disappointed mind they force their mind to...
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