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With the advent of Science and technology due to Information Age, Malaysia has successfully evolved tremendously as it marched into the twenty-first century. However, there has been an upsurge in the number of dropouts in school contemporary. Let me enlighten what dropouts actually is, dropouts is a indisciplinary case whereby students choose to left school before finishing their studies due to certain factors. Do the phenomenon whereby the number of dropouts in school that is increasing alarmingly revealed that our education system failed to fulfil their objectives? Just imagine, if the circumstance persists, what will happen to our future generation? Thus, I strongly believe that dropout should not be neglected before the issue spiral ouut of control. To nib this issue, school teachers should try to come out with intriguing and fascinating strategies of teaching instead of using the tradisional chalk and talk method. For instance, teachers can teach students history by having dramas as well as movies. Students and teacher can both enjoy the classess and even laugh in thrill while imparting knowledge in them. When they enjoy the class, definitely, they will pay attentin in class and love the subject. Consequntly, they will try to pass the examination with flying colours. This scenario is similar to the cliché “if you do anything with passions,it will be half way towards success”. So, dropouts will never occur! In contrast if a teacher merely talks and forces the student to ‘regurgitate’ during exaination, the students will feel boring and think that going school is meaningless. Terefore, being the up-to-date teachers, they must think out of the box to create ethusiastics atmosphere in class. Besides, I am insisted that another initiative that should be imposed is that the school authorities should organised ample of motivational classes or talks. This measurement is extremely crucial to instill morale as well as virtues in youths. When youngsters...
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