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Drop out rate

By mike4128 Dec 09, 2013 532 Words
Should students be able to drop out of school without of parental consent at age 16?

Students should not be able to drop out of high school with ought parental consent at age 16. Dropouts are more likely to be unemployed, have poor health, live in poverty, and are single parents. People who do not earn a high school diploma face many more problems later in life than people who graduate and receive their diploma.

GED stands for General Education Development. It is a large test that is a made up out of Five subjects. People who take the GED will be tested in reading, writing, math, social studies and science. The test stretches out to approximately 7.5 hours long. It is an extremely hard test and every year it gets harder. The GED was originally created as a way to help veterans to get quick highs school degrees. Here are some statistics from

High School Dropout Statistics
Total number of high school dropouts annually
Number of high school students who drop out each day
Percent of Americans with a high school diploma
85.3 %
Percent of all drop outs that happen in the ninth-grade
36 %
Percent of students who repeat the ninth-grade that go on to graduate 15 %
Percent of students in the largest 50 U.S. cities that graduate High School 59 %
Percent of US crimes that committed by a high school dropout 75 %
Amount of money a high school graduate will earn more than a drop out $260,000
Percent of black drop outs that have spent time in prison
60 %
Percentage of Hispanic dropouts that were due to a pregnancy 41 %
Percent of US jobs a high school dropout is not eligible for 90 %

High school drop outs are more likely to become poor and not live a successful life. I define a dropout as someone who leaves school without a high school diploma or GED. Education is the key to a good life. A lot of teens use the GED as an excuse to drop out. They think that the test will be easy but in reality they don’t want to take the test and they end up not doing so. Believe it or not the GED is actually hurting the education system more than helping it. It was meant to help people get a degree equivalent to a high school graduate. But real it’s just taking student away from school. One method to cope with this problem is advancing the test.

People with high school diplomas are almost definitely getting hired over the person who got their GED. Is it fair for someone with a GED to have to same job opportunities as a person with their college diploma? Well some people would think different things. When a person sees a high school graduate they think they are hard working and don’t give up. When someone who has revived there GED they think, that person is trying to find the easy way around life. although a GED is equivalent to a high school diploma, people will still choose the high school graduate over the Person with a GED. This is important and shows how society is and why it is so important to stay in school.

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