Drones Delivery

Topics: Air traffic control, Global Positioning System, Drone music Pages: 3 (1313 words) Published: May 6, 2015
 Executive Summary
1. Safety Concern about falling malfunctioned Drones from the sky 2. Safety Concern regarding physical threat to the pilot
3. GPS hacking of Drones
4. Privacy Issue such as spying video camera
5. Privacy Issue and Security Concerns by using hijacked or remotely hacked drones 6. Truck delivery also has safety issue such as slippery road due to inclement weather or unexpected car accident. 7. Drones will be helpful from Truck Driver’s safety concern. 8. Drones: Regulations should be placed to decrease public safety concerns 9. Drones: Insurance Costs

10. Drones: Theft More Risky
11. Abused Drone create more terrorists than they kill.
12. Abused Drone target individuals who may not be terrorists or enemy combatants. 13. Abused Drone kill large numbers of civilians and traumatize local populations 14. Another issue: Customer Satisfaction of Drones vs Human interaction involved delivery 15. Another issue: Negative PR regarding Drones replacing human 16. Added Legal Backgrounds and Current News regarding Drones Details:

A recent study by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies revealed a wide range of public fears when it comes to drones. Almost three-quarters of respondents expressed concerns that drones could damage their property, while 55% feared that a drone could cause eye or finger injuries if it were to crash into a person. Privacy was also a major issue, with 78% believing that drones could be used to turn America into a surveillance state, or that they might capture photos of family members (60%), hack into wireless networks (50%) or even steal their possessions (34%). Two-thirds of respondents do not think that private citizens should be allowed to operate drones, 64% do not want businesses to use them and less than 10% would allow a child to pilot one, yet 21% of respondents said they would be interested in purchasing a drone for themselves. Respondents also supported drones for military, law enforcement and emergency medical...
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