Drones: Barack Obama and U.s. Senator Lindsey

Topics: Barack Obama, Unmanned aerial vehicle, United States Constitution Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: April 15, 2013
There is a fierce debate about drones being used on U.S. citizens. Drones are a unmanned aerial vehicle that can armed. It is very important to understand that drone use has horrific consequences abroad, and at home. With the main stream news coverage leaning to the left, by the lack of, or not reporting on the issue altogether. I want to give a conservative view on this issue which will eventually effect everyone in the U.S.

Drones are widely used against targets in Muslim countries, as in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen. These drones have killed nearly 5000 people in these countries. Washington claims that the drones target militants, but a large number of civilians have been killed. UN officials admitted on March 12, 2013 that strikes launched by unmanned US drone aircraft in Pakistan over the objections of the country’s government violate international law. U.S. senator Lindsey Graham recently said "Washington is at war and the drones take out some targets" Graham goes on to say "it's a weapon that needs to be used. It's a tactical weapon".

It seems to me that drone use in warfare is like a game, clean, and with no risk. Without the fear, pain, and discomfort of combat on the ground you lose site of the cost of war, though blood and lives on all sides. who's to say that it is limited to just the U.S. to use drones, once others have drone technology. I think it could turn into a competition to see how many civilians can one take out.

There is a struggle against the use of drones on U.S. citizens at home and overseas. Eric Holder's March 4 letter was disclose by Sen. Rand Paul, who had asked "whether the Justice Department believed President Barack Obama had the legal right to order a targeted strike against an American citizen located inside the United States". In the FAA reauthorization act, section 332 the Federal Aviation Administration was ordered to develop regulations for testing and licensing of commercial drones buy 2015. By February...
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